Jewish Cemetery Großpetersdorf




The defunct Jewish cemetery in Großpetersdorf no longer contains any gravestones; they were looted during the Nazi period. The property was sold to the Municipality of Großpetersdorf in 1940. After 1945 a restitution settlement was reached with the Jewish Community Graz. The bodies buried there had already been exhumed and transferred to the Jewish cemetery in Oberwart prior to the settlement. A part of the former cemetery grounds has been redeveloped.

Bahnstraße (Langerhaus-Tanklager gegenüber dem aufgelassenen Bahnhof), 7503 Großpetersdorf, Burgenland | show on map

Cadastral Data

KG 34024, EZ 14, GSt 2114

Area in m²



Municipality of Großpetersdorf


The owner of this cemetery has not filed an application to receive a subsidy from the Fund for the Restoration of the Jewish Cemeteries in Austria.