Jewish Cemetery Judenbühel




From ca. 1503 to 1864, the old Jewish cemetery was located near the Alpine Zoo on the slope of the "Judenbühel" and had an area of ca. 400 m², although the area subject to monument protection amounts to approx. 14,500 m². Following acts of desecration in February 1861 and March 1863 and due to its poor accessibility as a result of the almost impassable terrain, the Jewish Community was awarded a small piece of land in the Western Cemetery for a new cemetery by the City of Innsbruck. Some of the graves were transferred from the old to the new cemetery.

Richardsweg, 6020 Innsbruck, Tyrol | show on map

Cadastral Data

KG 81121, EZ 151, GSt 436, TZ 14189/2009, protected monument
KG 81121, EZ 174, GSt 437, TZ 14189/2009, protected monument
KG 81121, EZ 121, GSt 442/1, TZ 14189/2009, protected monument

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City of Innsbruck