Jewish Cemetery Gmunden




The cemetery was established in 1923; prior to that the dead had been transferred to Linz or buried in an area of the Protestant cemetery. In 1938, the Jewish cemetery adjacent to the Catholic cemetery was destroyed, along with its ceremonial hall; it was reconstructed after World War II. Today, just over 20 gravestones can still be found at the cemetery. The cemetery is kept locked, but the Gmunden cemetery administration provides access to interested parties.

Karl Pletzner-Straße 15, 4810 Gmunden, Upper Austria | show on map

Cadastral Data

KG 42116, EZ 130, GSt 154/15, TZ 5672/2009, protected monument

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Municipality of Gmunden



The owner of this cemetery has not filed an application to receive a subsidy from the Fund for the Restoration of the Jewish Cemeteries in Austria.