Jewish Cemetery Frauenkirchen




The Jewish cemetery of Frauenkirchen has an area of 5,000 m². In view of the one-time large Jewish community, it can be assumed that it contains around 1,320 graves. As a result of destruction and weathering which have occurred over the years, it is not possible to determine the exact number. The local municipality is responsible for looking after the cemetery. In 1994 the cemetery was completely renovated by the Association Schalom with the support of the congregation of the church Jesu Christi. Over 800 headstones were given new bases and up-righted and a new cemetery gate was installed.

St. Andräerstraße 1+1a, 7132 Frauenkirchen, Burgenland | show on map

Cadastral Data

KG 32006, EZ 197, GSt 569, TZ 5211/2002, protected monument
KG 32006, EZ 197, GSt 570

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