Jewish Cemetery Mistelbach




This cemetery was established in 1898 and extends from the road to the rear of the Tahara house / cemetery caretaker's house on a gentle slope. 108 discernable graves remain intact; there are old avenue trees on the grounds. A permanent exhibition on Mistelbach’s Jewish community is on display at the cemetery caretaker’s house. The cemetery is locked, the key is held by the local municipality.

Waldstraße 104, 2130 Mistelbach, Lower Austria | show on map

Cadastral Data

KG 15028, EZ 3099, GSt .808, TZ 5212/2008, protected monument
KG 15028, EZ 3099, GSt 3501/2, TZ 5212/2008, protected monument

Area in m²



Jewish Community Vienna


sub-project 1



Implementation / construction work / earthwork and walling

Funding has been granted for the construction of an access ramp with a loading zone and an entrance zone at the Jewish cemetery in Mistelbach. In addition, the supporting wall and the embankment will be reconstructed; a boundary wall erected at the rear of the property and the firewall will be renovated.

Date of approval

17 Jun 2019

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IKG Wien