Jewish Cemetery Krems




The cemetery was opened at the end of the 19th century. An older cemetery situated on the Turnerberg near Krems was desecrated repeatedly during the interwar period, leading to its closure in 1936; the remains of the dead were transferred to Krems’ main cemetery on Wiener Straße. The cemetery contains around 180 graves; the last burial took place in 1971. It is kept locked; the key is available from the Hänfling car dealership opposite the cemetery.

Wiener Straße 115, 3500 Krems, Lower Austria | show on map

Cadastral Data

KG 12114, EZ 2221, GSt .748
KG 12114, EZ 2221, GSt 2692, TZ 6581/2006, protected monument

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Jewish Community Vienna



The owner of this cemetery has not filed an application to receive a subsidy from the Fund for the Restoration of the Jewish Cemeteries in Austria.