Jewish Cemetery Klosterneuburg




The cholera epidemic of 1873 prevented the Jewish community from transferring its deceased from Klosterneuburg to the Jewish cemetery in Währing, as had been customary until that time. A plot of land was therefore purchased, furnished with a circumference wall and designated for use as a cemetery in 1874. Today there are around 650 graves on the site. In 2007, a private committee was founded to preserve the Jewish cemetery. It took initial steps to secure the cemetery and carried out preservation work. The cemetery is locked; access or a guided tour can be arranged through the local authority or the Committee for the Preservation of the Jewish Cemetery Klosterneuburg.


Holzgasse 67, 3400 Klosterneuburg | show on map


Lower Austria

Cadastral Data

KG 1704, EZ 1183, GSt 1063/1, TZ 70/2009, protected monument
KG 1704, EZ 1183, GSt 1063/2, TZ 70/2009, protected monument

Area in m²



Jewish Community Vienna


sub-project 3



Execution / additional work, static renovation of the graves: erection of blocks, bonding of loosened parts, production of non-profiled crossings of undercut grave borders as well as renovation of foundations, documentation; local site supervision.

Date of approval

15 May 2020

Funding in €



IKG Wien

Subproject 2



General contractor work / tree maintenance / clearing / replacement planting / structural renovation of the gravesites / local construction supervision

Funding applications were filed for the following work at Klosterneuburg’s Jewish cemetery:

General contractor work: perimeter wall and dividing wall between the old and the new cemeteries, other fencing, renovation of the buildings, wooden fence, outdoor facilities;

Tree maintenance work: tree maintenance measures priority 1–3, clearance and felling, replacement planting; exposing suspected gravesites; coordination work;

Structural renovation of the gravesites;

Local construction supervision: inventory of content and damage, restoration work on the gravestones and tombs, architectural planning services, overall management.

Date of approval

14 May 2018

Funding in €



IKG Wien

sub-project 1



Clearing / creation of a cemetery plan using aerial photos / general planner services

Clearing work will be carried out at the Jewish Cemetery in Klosterneuburg: an initial clearing round, clearing the perimeter walls, central wall, other walls/fences and cemetery buildings, freeing up the work areas on the exterior side of the wall mechanical removal of root systems and additional clearing rounds where necessary;  (stump grinder) and additional clearing rounds where necessary;

In addition, a cemetery plan created with the assistance of aerial photos will be commissioned: images and production of an inventory plan (inventory of the outdoor facilities), data delivery (software), preparation and post-processing (workshops), data updates prior to the project finish (plan update), tree cadaster and tree inspection;

Furthermore, a general planner will be contracted: record of objects and damage, restoration work on graves and tombs, architectural planning services, overall management.

Date of approval

15 May 2017

Funding in €