Jewish Cemetery Hollabrunn




This large Jewish cemetery, founded in 1876, lies beyond the town limits. In 1909 the cemetery grounds were extended and a new ceremonial hall was commissioned; it was demolished in 1999. Approximately 120 headstones remain intact. Several crypts can be found along the length of the perimeter wall. The last burial took place in 1978. The cemetery can be freely accessed by the public.

Steinfeldgasse 360, 2020 Hollabrunn, Lower Austria | show on map

Cadastral Data

KG 9028, EZ 352, GSt 5101, TZ 7787/2004, protected monument
KG 9028, EZ 352, GSt 5102, TZ 7787/2004, protected monument

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Jewish Community Vienna



The owner of this cemetery has not filed an application to receive a subsidy from the Fund for the Restoration of the Jewish Cemeteries in Austria.