Jewish Cemetery Kobersdorf




The Jewish cemetery in Kobersdorf is situated on a hill at the edge of the village. Kobersdorf was also one of the Seven Communities. The cemetery has over 650 gravestones; the cemetery caretaker's house has been demolished. The cemetery is kept locked, the key is available from the local municipal office. The Jewish Museum in Eisenstadt has compiled an index of names of the people buried at the cemetery.


Waldgasse (neben Nr. 42), 7332 Kobersdorf | show on map



Cadastral Data

KG 33021, EZ 7, GSt 2398, TZ 3396/2007, protected monument

Area in m²



Jewish Community Vienna


sub-project 2



Realization/Local construction supervisory authority

At the Jewish cemetery in Kobersdorf gardening and landscaping work will be carried out. This will involve the following services: removal of branches and unwanted vegetation, removal and replacement of the old wire fencing and tree maintenance work. In addition natural stone work will be carried out including accompanying measures. This involves stonemasonry and conservation and structural reinforcement of the graves (structural renovation and conservation of the graves from damage groups 1 and 2, which are heavily or substantially damaged). The cemetery’s remaining stone wall will also be renovated. Additionally, the services of the local construction supervisory authority that did not form part of subproject 1will be commissioned.  

Date of approval

16 Nov 2016

Finish date

19 Nov 2018

Funding in €




sub-project 1



General contracting services for the restoration of the headstones in most urgent need of repair categories 1 and 2 as well as the gate house and the cemetary wall

The services to be performed by the general contracting team cover all planning/contracting work for the restoration of the headstones as well as specialized planning and production of a list of services for the construction work, the call to tender, the determination of the best bid and the senior management.

Specialized planning restoration

General specialist planning the restoration of the headstones.

Specialized planning statics

General statics planning regarding the restoration of the headstones.

Specialized planning surveying

The planning work shall cover the entire cemetery. Site plans and contour maps will be produced on a scale of 1:500 and 1:100, in which all buildings, walls, headstones and paths shall be recorded. Additionally, all trees and foliage shall be measured and recorded.

Specialized planning landscaping

The planning work shall cover the entire cemetery. All planning work regarding landscaping, including the production of a tree cadastre, drawing up and executing a call to tender and senior management.

Date of approval

03 Jul 2014

Finish date

04 Jul 2016

Funding in €



IKG Wien